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15 Must Have Tools for Every Woman’s DIY Basket

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How many times have you been frustrated, when starting a project, to find that you don’t have, or can’t find the tools needed? This can de-rail even the simplest projects.  I have found that the best way to avoid this frustration is to have my own tools kept together in a convenient place that will make quick work of getting the …

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Colorful container gardens that won’t break the bank

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I love colorful pots filled with brightly colored annuals spilling over their sides but sometimes those pots can be a little spendy leaving not much money for the plants. You can create some amazing displays by using inexpensive thrift store baskets, buckets, and even handbags instead of the usual plastic, stoneware, or terra-cotta, letting you put more of your budget …

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A boomer’s guide to thriving on a carnivore keto diet plan

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I am sixtythree and I have been eating what I like to call “mostly carnivore” for the last year and am doing quite well. Before embracing “mostly carnivore”, I was already following a regular keto diet (low carb, high fat, moderate protein) and enjoying the benefits of less inflammation, clearer thinking, and no hangry episodes. The switching over to carnivore …